FM Acupuncture

Alexandra Matthews
Initial evaluations includes a thorough patient history and history of the main complaint.  The patient and practitioner will go through health history and healthcare goals.  The root issue of disease will be treated along with treating the main complaint.  This also includes a 30 minute acupuncture treatment.  Herbal and supplementation recommendations may also be advised.

A follow up treatment includes a 10-15 minute conversation with your acupuncturist to reevaluate improvements and symptoms.  It also includes a 25 minute acupuncture treatment.

Community acupuncture is performed in a group setting.  All patients will relax in a calming, comfortable environment.  Up to 4 patients can be treated at a time, reducing the cost of a treatment.  Community acupuncture provides the same positive effects as private acupuncture treatments.  All patients will need to have an initial consultation before schedule a community session.

Cupping services include a short intake of current symptoms along with a 15 minute cupping treatment.  Tradition Chinese fire cupping is used to relax the fascia and increase blood flow to the area of pain or discomfort.

Food therapy is the use specific nutrients in food to heal the body and prevent disease.  Dietary recommendations seem to change every day leaving patients asking one question, “What should I eat?”  A 60 minute initial consultation will consist of going over specific health goals and a full medical history.  Life style and nutritional plans will be completed.  Tradition eastern food therapy will be combined with western nutrients to treat the root cause of disease and maintain optimal health.

Alexandra specializes in treating pain, headaches, digestive disorders, and patients with high stress life styles.  She takes a special interest in treat TMJ patients as well.